2007-08 Season
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ArmDrag/Section V Wrestling Ranking #9


Compiled February 20, 2008.

NOTES: Except for the dual meet team ranking, these are POST-SEASON rankings. They are completely separate from and do not necessarily correspond to Super Sectional seedings. Not everyone ranked qualified for Super Sectionals, but everyone ranked did compete at Class Sectionals or gained an at-large berth into Supers. Tournament results are not considered at all for dual meet team rankings, and dual meet results are not considered for tournament team rankings. The final ranking (#10) will be compiled on Wednesday, February 27th, based from the results at Supers.


Team 96 103 112 119 125 130 135 140 145 152 160 171 189 215 285


1. C.J. Howard (Pittsford)
2. Mike Gentilcore (Greece Olympia)
3. Brandon Ling (Penfield)
4. Thomas Davis (Fairport)
5. Shin Wakabayashi (Brighton)
6. Frank Affronti (Wayne)
1. Quinton Murphy (Holley)
2. Kyle Conrad (Bath Haverling)
3. Miles Nelson (Geneva)
4. Kyle Gravino (Lyons)
5. Adam Hill (Pembroke)
6. Jimmy Wiler (Kendall)
Copyright 2007-08 by Rankings are based on results reported to Wrestlers typically ranked at lowest competition weight wrestled so far this season. Write to with updates and/or corrections that could change the rankings or to change your ranked weight. Media outlets may reproduce these rankings only if they identify them as ArmDrag/Section V Wrestling Rankings.


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